Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sixers - Celtics Game Seven Top 30 Takeaways

30) The Celtic cheer leaders have neon light up pom poms, which makes the rest of their stripper attire seem tasteful by comparison

29) Paul Pierce can draw fouls while traveling and screaming, which is definitely a veteran skill

28) If you are employed by ESPN as an analyst and do not give athletes and organizations a lot of credit, you will be fined

27) Elton Brand was huge early to keep this a game, and seemed to get younger in every game of this series... but he's not, well, a championship level starter

26) The Celtics are so good at getting injured, Rondo nearly did it to himself on an unguarded layup

25) The refs actually were giving up touch fouls tonight in the first half, which sometimes happens in Game Sevens, mostly when the refs are as nervous as the players

24) Ryan Hollins' foul on Lavoy Allen would have been a flagrant if Allen was a guard

23) No one seems to be able to grasp the idea that the Sixers might get to the line more now because the refs no longer think they suck

22) Andre Iguodala smacked Kevin Garnett in the face, which was fun

21) The Sixers' offensive philosophy seemed to be Find Ray Allen's Guy And Have Him Shoot

20) Garnett blowing a wide-open layup that was denied by age made the announcers, and me, giggle

19) Seeing how the game seven was in Boston, we got history lessons, but not very much Andrew Toney, the most forgotten great player in NBA history

18) Boston Fan knows how to chant obscenities on live television, which is always fun

17) Evan Turner's first bucket came in the third quarter, which isn't what you'd hope for, but that described a lot of his game tonight

16) Philadelphia's half court defense in the third quarter more or less meant that the first 20 seconds of every Boston possession didn't happen

15) One of the more encouraging things from this playoff run has been the fact that Lavoy Allen really does seem like a positive rotation big man, at least on defense

14) The Celtics kept missing from the arc, which meant this kept being a game, but as soon as that stopped, all margin for error was gone

13) Pierce is really good at strait-jacketing guys to prevent and one opportunities

12) On Ray Allen's second three pointer, Garnett could have been called for offensive holding, rather than just a moving pick

11) Thaddeus Young drew Pierce's sixth foul with 4:16 left as Boston Fan absolutely freaked out, but it was a clear and easy call and seemed to inspire Green anyway

10) As soon as Pierce fouled out, you knew that makeup calls were coming for Green, and Brand's fifth certainly qualified

9) Turner falling asleep on Rondo's penetration is, you hope, something he'll outgrow one day

8) When you are getting bailout bombs from a point guard that's known for his inability to shoot, you are going to win a home playoff game

7) At the end of this series, the difference between these teams is just Rondo, and nothing else, but the depressing thing is Rondo is the only Celtic that isn't on the downside of his career

6) For the Sixers to win this game, they really needed to shoot the ball, um, worth a damn, which doesn't really describe 35%

5) The Celtics shot two more free throws and had six more makes, which is more than a little of the difference in this one

4) Having one more turnover than your opponent, when you've made your bread from having a lot less, is not recommended

3) Holiday's 15/3/9 sounds a lot better than his 5 for 17, but it's hard to be mad at someone who tried like mad, was his team's second or third best player, and is all of 21 years old

2) This Celtics team plays the Heat tough, but it's hard to see how they can win four games when Allen's on half an ankle, and Wade and James should be able to make Rondo lose his best player on the floor status

1) While I'm sad to see my laundry go, and really depressed by the fact that Boston Fan is happy, I'm kind of OK with the Heat crushing the Celtics, rather than the Sixers

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