Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sixers - Celtics Game Six Top 20 Takeaways

20) Allen Iverson presented the game ball to all of the home team's fair weather fans, wearing #23 to fire up Lou Williams even more

19) Rajon Rondo's athleticism is startling, partly in bold relief to the rest of the Boston team

18) The longer this series has gone, the more spry Elton Brand has looked

17) Thaddeus Young saved a possession off Kenyon Dooling's face, which is the first time in this series that Dooling's head has been involved in a basketball play

16 If this series goes long enough, Boston will start fouling Andre Iguodala intentionally

15) Both teams decided to honor Iverson by going into Epic Rock Fight Mode when ESPN gave us the unnecessary in-game interview, and keeping it up for the rest of the night

14) Mikael Pietrus hit a three with 0.5 seconds left in the half to score 8.3% of Boston's first half points... and get the lead

13) If either of these teams had played like this in Game Five, it would have been a 30-point game

12) In a fourth quarter timeout, Pierce hit Rondo on the head to try and reboot him to Point Guard Mode

11) If this Celtic team isn't causing turnovers, they aren't that good defensively, because they have no consistent shot-blocker on penetration

10) When Jrue Holiday is the Sixers' best player, that's usually a really good sign

9) This new confident Garnett is much more likely to keep shooting when he's missing

8) The only way Boston was able to consistently score in this game involved the free throw line, and yet they were still in the game

7) With the exception of a made three late to make Sixer Fan worried, Ray Allen was an open liability in this game

6) When you have to go to Marquis Daniels for his first minutes in the fourth quarter, because you are really missing Avery Bradley, your organization has not given you championship caliber talent

5) Iguodala's made free throws in crunch time felt borderline miraculous

4) If the Sixers had shot free throws in the first 46 minutes like they did in the last 2, this would have been a blowout

3) Doug Collins got his rolodex working with Iverson and Julius Erving coming to the game tonight

2) Boston is now 2-11 in closeout road games, which should temper any undue confidence Philly Fan might be feeling right now

1) Either of these teams is pretty much even money to be swept by Miami at this point

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