Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sixers-Celtics Top 10 Game Two Takeaways

10) When you need Mikael Pietrus to make shots, your bench may not be good enough

9) Evan Turner making plays late is what gives Sixer Fan almost as big of a stiffie as ruining Boston Fan's day

8) Everyone in the NBA is very, very sorry to hear that the Celtics' aging stars aren't feeling so good

7) The two-headed monster of Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen might not be entirely comedic

6) Kevin Garnett getting whistled for an illegal screen late in the fourth quarter is, like Hailey's Comet, something to be viewed at with total amazement for the unique phenomenon that it is

5) In seven out of eight playoff games, five of them on the road, the Sixers have either won or been right there, which is kind of amazing for an #8 seed

4) Boston is very, very good at erasing leads with their vaunted playoff experience, which means they are sleeping through much of the games

3) If you can't figure out how the Sixers won while giving up 19 turnovers and getting pounded on the boards, you are not alone

2) When Rajon Rondo isn't the best player on the floor, the Celtics are in trouble

1) This the first playoff win in Boston since 1982, which tells you just how little these teams have played each other in the playoffs recently

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