Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spurs - Thunder Game 3 Top 20 Takeaways

20) Reggie Miller and Steve Kerr would have loved to play with Boris Diaw, because fat guys who don't play defense and don't show up on the road are such a joy to play with

19) Manu Ginobili can still look incredulous at home team ref calls, because he has the innocence and long-term memory of a little boy

18) Kendrick Perkins finally found a Spur he can guard -- Ginobili, one one, with a blocked shot in the most improbable play of the playoffs to date

17) Tim Duncan now has more blocked shots than any player in NBA playoff history, which is nice, in that it's one more reason to forget Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

16) When Kevin Durant only outscores Thabo Sefalosha by three points, your immediate thought is not Thunder Rout

15) Gregg Popovich might be the only coach in the Association to expand his rotation in the playoffs, rather than contract it

14) Shockingly, the Thunder bench players were better here than in San Antonio

13) Carrying the ball is OK if you are Tony Parker

12) It is no longer possible to call a clear path foul in the NBA in less than five minutes

11) You will forgive Bulls Fan for really hating the fact that Sefalosha isn't wearing his laundry

10) For the first time in this playoff year, Duncan acted his age

9) Even while making shots, Stephen Jackson continues to show why, exactly, he couldn't get off the bench in Milwaukee

8) Sefalosha had six steals in a playoff game, which gave the national audience the opportunity to hear the name Sedale Threatt

7) When you are getting bailout bank shots at the end of the clock, you are not losing a home playoff game

6) Paddy Mills exists just to prove that wearing Spurs laundry does not immediately turn you into a good shooter

5) Now that the Spurs have finally lost a game for the first time in 50 days, we can rule them out as the best team in NBA history

4) We actually saw Cole Aldrich and DaJuan Blair enter the game, which is to saw, the D League took over with four minutes left

3) I can't believe that the ECF was more compelling than this series for a second straight night

2) Please note, Laker Fan, that when the Thunder scored its 100th point, their fans did not let loose with an unholy surge of excitement for a borderline food product, and their team is still alive in the playoffs

1) If OKC can do this again in Game Four, we will officially have a series

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