Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thunder - Spurs Game Two Top 20 Takeaways

20) The Spurs are really good, but when Tony Parker is bringing the "A" game, they get closer to historic

19) If basketball assists were like hockey, with up to two given out, the Spurs would have double their number of assists in nearly every game

18) Russell Westbrook's Hero Mode was so obvious, it made the TNT announcers blanche

17) Tim Duncan's second quarter stuff on Serge Ibaka was from at least a decade ago, and kind of jaw-dropping

16) Honestly, there hasn't been a big man in the playoffs that played anywhere near Duncan's level right now

15) The Spurs halftime show, a guy hitting buckets, wouldn't have drawn change in a New York subway station

14) When Boris Diaw is settling down threes and then blowing by his man to get to the rim, you aren't stealing a road playoff game

13) On the Parker 3 that pushed the lead to 20, the Spurs point guard had enough time to order a sandwich, and the Thunder looked like they were taking a standing 8 count

12) After a turnover leading to a Harden transition hoop to cut the lead to 16, Gregg Popovich took the angriest timeout you ever did see, and tore Parker a new one, just because he's that kind of unceasing hardass

11) Scott Brooks took a technical when his intentional foul on Tiago Splitter wasn't called right away, because Scott Brooks doesn't really understand how intentional fouls work

10) Spurs Fan does not appreciate intentional fouling, which is one of your bigger goose / sauce / gander moments

9) NBA refs really should just hand out an indiscriminate number of technicals to whatever team starts intentionally fouling

8) I'm not sure about you, but I kind of love the undisguised contempt that Popovich has for the end of quarter interview

7) Ginobili hits more off-foot insanity than anyone outside of a HORSE hustler

6) Say this for Westbrook; he does not stop trying for anything

5) Laker Fan took some grim satisfaction in Derek Fisher's awful night

4) I love these teams and this series, but someone needs to do something about all of the guys flopping for calls

3) This is the James Harden we all fell in love with, and the fifth foul where he took a shot to the face from Manu was kind of heartbreaking

2) Ginobili's killshot three, and the Thunder not bothering to foul late, killed that Thunder late cover bet that worked so well in Game One

1) At this point, if you gave me the Spurs at 3-1 to end the playoffs unbeaten, I might take it


snd_dsgnr said...

I realize that turnabout is fair play and all that, but given that it got on my nerves when it came up in the Spurs-Clippers series I feel well within my rights to whine about how badly the intentional fouling killed the flow of what had been a stellar game.

DMtShooter said...

Yup. It's kind of amazing to me that the Association still allows this to exist.

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