Friday, May 4, 2012

Today's Top 10 NBA Playoff Takeaways

10) As soon as the Knicks get back Jeremy Lin and Amar'e Stoadamire, they'll be sure get this thing turned around in Bizarro Earth

9) Dallas really showed the importance of home court

8)  Tonight was the Knicks' worst playoff shooting performance in their history, (32%), which is hard to do for a franchise that used to employ John Starks, and actually asked him to shoot

7) You will be sure to see all of Derek Fisher's points in this post-season, with all of the highlights including the word "grizzled"

6) Chris Bosh's wife and new baby are far more clutch than he is

5) We're just one more game away from Mark Cuban going back to his historic role as a full-on whiner, assuming, of course, that Dallas gets close enough to matter in Game Four

4) If you thought the Heat-Knicks game was ugly, you must not be down with the simple joy that is the isolation play, or 7+ minutes of non-scoring hoop in the fourth quarter

3) If Kevin Durant is actually going to play like Kevin Durant for vast stretches of this post-season, we're going to have to stop seeing the Thunder as fun

2) New York Fan left early, which we really can't chastise them too much for, since they had to feel bad about showing up in the first place

1) OKC won Game Three so easily, the final minutes of this game involved copious amounts of Royal Ivey, Lazer Hayward, Nazr Mohamme, Cole Aldrich, Brian Cardinal, Kelenna Azubuike and Chairman Yi Jianlian

1 comment:

snd_dsgnr said...

Heat-Knicks actually is what I imagined the entire NBA to be, when college basketball fans complain about the NBA that series is what we have in our minds.

In general I'm glad I gave the league another look and started at least watching the playoffs again, but man do I hate that particular style of ball.

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