Thursday, May 17, 2012

Top 10 Celtics - Sixers Game Three Takeaways

10) This series was a lot more fun before Paul Pierce showed up

9) Kevin Garnett isn't exactly shy about telling you how his day is going

8) So much for home court advantage

7) When Spencer Hawes, Elton Brand and Evan Turner combine for 11 points, the Sixers aren't beating anyone

6) If you want to say Celtics in five now that they are well and truly awake, I can't argue

5) When the Celtics run, good things happen for them, which is to say, the same thing that is true for every team in the Association is true here

4) Doc Rivers clearly missed the Tom Thibodeau lesson of not playing your stars in a blowout against Philly

3) It had been a while since the Sixers showed up in their periodic guise as a bad and overmatched team

2) When Xavier Silas gets minutes for the Sixers, you know that the plan has not been achieved

1) If I'm Doug Collins, I try Andre Iguodala on Rajon Rondo, because I'm not seeing how 10+ assists from the opposing point guard should be tolerated

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