Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top 10 Clippers-Grizzlies Game Seven Takeaways

10) You are completely out of bounds to note that both Los Angeles teams survived Game Sevens where the refs went their way

9) OJ Mayo's commitment to the game is so high, he practices missing back-breaking gimmes in the off-season

8) Of all of the ways to get bounced from the playoffs, Couldn't Stop Kenyon Martin might be the most novel

7) There is no truth to the rumor that, after the game was over, the Grizzly players went to the Hernando de Soto Bridge to see if they could hit the Mississippi with jump shots

6) This is the third time in 41 years that the Clips have won a playoff series, which only seems like three times too many

5) Lionel Hollins blamed his bench for the loss, which is curious, seeing how his entire team shot 32% from the floor

4) Chris Paul had 19-9-4 despite a hip flexor, suffered from carrying an entire franchise for two weeks

3) Before you put the goat horns on Mike "2 for 13" Conley, Zebo "3 for 12" Randolph would like to beg for your consideration

2) We can now add one more improbable fact to the wildly improbable life of Vinny Del Negro: He has won a Game Seven on the road

1) This game had a huge impact on the NBA playoffs, as it totally changes the name of the team that the Spurs will beat in five

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