Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top 10 Game Five Sixers - Bulls Takeaways

10) Joakim Noah's tiki shell necklace really does bring out his eyes, but if the Brady Bunch is to be believed, is not bringing him good luck

9) Leon Wood treated most of the first half as if blowing his referee whistle would cost him money, or make people look up his playing career

8) Carlos Boozer spat his gum on the ball, which isn't a foul, but good God, it should be

7) Taj Gibson and Elton Brand got to know each other on a nearly Biblical level on a double technical loose ball scramble

6) The Sixers actually scored 26 points in the first half, and yet were still in the game, which shows you just how ugly this game was

5) If Chicago is going to play with this kind of defensive intensity and referee cooperation, they can still beat anyone in the Association

4) It's really obvious that Andre Igoudala's Achilles injury is having an impact, in that when he settles for a long jumper that won't go, it's done with resignation rather than misguided enthusiasm

3) Taj Gibson sprained an ankle and returned, because he's clearly just tougher than all of the other Bulls who go down with injuries

2) This game was more or less closed out by three bailout Luol Deng threes in the fourth, in that nine points in this game felt more like 30

1) Bulls Fan knows how to chant, and feels proud about their discerning tastes in determining what does and what does not suck

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