Sunday, May 6, 2012

Top 10 NBA Playoff Saturday Takeaways

10) The annual tradition of Utah Fan booing themselves hoarse through an overmatched first round playoff loss continues

9) If you want to put an asterisk on the Dallas title for how badly the championship defense went, I'm OK with that

8) There's no way this Clippers-Grizzlies series isn't going the distance, and with a fight or six, if only because Zebo Randolph and Kenyon Martin aren't going out without a suspension

7) Utah Fan likes to photobomb the TNT cameras with balloons, which is one of the lesser-known tenets of Mormonism

6) It turns out that Clipper merchandise does exist, and there are people who wear it

5) Game Four of Pacers-Magic went to overtime, thrilling the 39 people outside of those two cities who give a damn about either team

4) To show solidarity with power forward Blake Griffin, everyone on the Clippers decided to shoot free throws like him tonight

3) In another six weeks, everyone's going to be really depressed to see the Spurs in the Finals

2) James Harden dropped a 29-5-5 to ensure the sweep of the Mavericks, because James Harden's beard suffers no fools

1) This is the first Game Three win in a best of seven series for the Clippers, well, ever, since the last time they did this, they were the Buffalo Braves, and most of you reading this were not alive

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