Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Bobcats fired Paul Silas

10) After this last season, the Bobcats are just brimming with top candidates

9) Michael Jordan is convinced that Silas didn't get all of the 10 wins that this team had in its potential

8) The fact that a 68-year-old coach might have been the best athlete on the roster was a little embarrassing

7) VP of basketball operations Rod Higgins said that the Bobcats wanted to get someone who wants to win, which had to come as news to Silas, given the talent in front of him

6) The team has decided to side with Tyrus Thomas, because Thomas is clearly the kind of true winner you can build around

5) Silas failed to tap into the incredible work ethic and will to win that defines Boris Diaw

4) He just wasn't ready to step up to the kind of big city market that is Charlotte

3) Unlike most of the people surrounding Jordan, Silas actually has a track record that you can measure statistically

2) The captain goes down with the ship, so long as the captain isn't Michael Jordan

1) There are state laws against elder abuse, after all

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