Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top 10 Takeaways from the Cole Hamels Suspension

10) It's quite exciting, and a great lesson for the kids, that the world has a universal opinion that Hamels was really stupid for telling the truth

9) Ths is clearly the last time that anyone is going to throw at Bryce Harper

8) Nats Fan (exists! Whoda thunk it!) is very excited about how Harper stole home after getting plunked, and probably should be

7) If you notice that Jordan Zimmerman threw at Hamels shortly after this, and wasn't ejected or suspended, you must be some kind of Phillies homer

6) John Kruk thinks that other teams are going to start throwing at Hunter Pence over this, as if the Phillies are going to score enough runs to merit throwing at any of their hitters

5) Nats GM Mike Rizzo, who is part of an organization that restricts ticket sales to out-of-state addresses, called Hamels' actions gutless

4) Once again, this experience shows that MLB has a huge need for an Arbiter of Old School and Unwritten Rules to prevent such disputes

3) Rizzo's hatred of Hamels has absolutely nothing to do with the man's 11-4 lifetime record against his laundry

2) The Nats as a team were so incensed and inspired by this unfair act against their teammate, they lost the only game of the series in which it happened

1) Now that Hamels has been suspended for five games, which means that his next start will be pushed back a whole day, he's sure to have learned his lesson and will never, ever do it again

1 comment:

Five Tool Ninja said...

Rizzo's comment that "I’ve never seen a more classless, gutless chicken [bleep] act in my 30 years in baseball" may indicate some short-term memory loss, as it was as recently as 2010 that Nyger Morgan was regularly reaching new levels of classy behavior with epic freakouts while wearing the Nats uni.

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