Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top 10 Takeaways from Heat - Pacers Game Four

10) If LeBron James can just put down a 40-18-9 another 10 times in this postseason, America is sure to fall in love with him all over again

9) Roy Hibbert's fourth foul made the Pacers go to a faster pace, because when you lose your center due to foul trouble, you need to do exactly what your opponent wants you to do

8) Shane Battier is now 2 for 19 for the series, but in fairness, he's much better (2 for 12) from the three point line

7) This was Danny Granger's best game of the series, in that he shot mediocre, rather than godawful

6) Dwyane Wade fell down, tossed a bailout pass, then got it back to hit the silliest three of the NBA season

5) If the Heat go on to win the NBA championship, they clearly need to vote a half-share to Lance Stephenson for making them good and mean, and maybe even Juwan Howard, too

4) Udonis Haslem's 5 for 6 and 14/4 in 25 minutes gives him a big leg up over Ronny Turiaf in the battle to see which Heat big man gets to watch Wade and James from close up, rather than from the bench

3) James' signature play, the chasedown blocked shot, really doesn't seem like something a total egotistical choke artist would specialize in

2) Wade and James combined for 38 straight points at one point, so maybe they can, in fact, play together

1) If this kind of schizophrenic behavior came from the Lakers or Celtics, we'd be talking about the Heat just hitting the on switch

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