Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top 10 Takeaways from Pacers - Heat Game Five

10) In the time that it took you to read this, Tyler Hansborough has suffered some new form of humiliation

9) Pacer Fan will note that the Heat can only win through the injuries to Danny Granger and David West, which would sound a lot better if it weren't for Chris Bosh not playing past Game One

8) The air is going out of the Chris Bosh Is Very Very Important balloon

7) Your leading Pacer scorer tonight had, um, 11 -- woo

6) It was nice of Miami, after all of those late nights with Western games, to get everyone to bed by 10pm

5) Roy Hibbert cost himself a lot of future money with tonight's underwhelming 8/12 game with 3 of 10 shooting

4) Udonis Haslem is likely sitting out Game Six after his two-arm poleaxe routine, which is such a loss to basketball fans that admire his artistry

3) Dexter Pittman elbowed Vern Stephenson with a suspension-worthy assault with 19.4 seconds left, just to prove that you don't have to be an NBA level player to commit an NHL level atrocity

2) If Shane Battier is actually going to make some shots, maybe the Heat can be half as good as they think they are

1) We're two games away from the NBA getting the Eastern Conference matchup they so clearly want, even if it will be mostly unwatchable

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