Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Spurs-Clippers Game Three

10) San Antonio now seems to be trying to find new ways to win, which means they are as bored as the rest of us

9) Blake Griffin appears to be a home-only rebounder

8) Exhausted Staples Center workers won't have to worry about more than one more Clipper game

7) If Chris Paul is actually healthy, then he's really not as good as we thought he was

6) Kawhi Leonard has about another two weeks of telling people how to spell his name

5) If basketball games were 14 minutes long, this Clipper team would be right back in this thing

4) Unfortunately for Reggie Evans, Gregg Popovich has found his very obvious and easily available free throw kryptonite

3) The Clippers are now 4-29 in their last 33 games against the Spurs, and the really amazing part of that stat is that they actually have 4 wins

2) Usually it's easy to come up with 10 takeaways about an NBA playoff game, but when the storyline is as clear as ths one, not so much

1) If the Clips and Grizzlies put together a super team, I'm still not sure they win more than a game against the Spurs

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