Friday, May 11, 2012

Top 12 takeaways from Lakers - Nuggets Game Six

12) When Corey Brewer hits 8 of 9 and there are other people in the gym, the other team is not going to win

11) Surviving Cleveland Fan is watching this string of Mike Brown decisions and nodding

10) If you missed the opening 13-0 run, you pretty much missed the minutes when the game was decided

9) Kobe Bryant sure gets a lot of stomach virus issues in road playoff games, mostly because all right-thinking Americans want to poison him

8) In the time that you read this, Ty Lawson hit another three

7) Andrew Bynum got some numbers in this game, but don't be fooled: he was a non-factor

6) It's impossible to describe Andre Miller's game without using the word "crafty"

5) Laker Fan is increasingly convinced that team's failure to close this out is all due to Derek Fisher's absence

4) If you don't love Kenneth "Manimal" Faried's effort, enthusiasm and nickname, there's something very wrong with you

3) It's one thing when Pau Gasol gets outplayed by JaVale McGee, and quite another when he gets punked by Timofey Mozgov

2) Nuget Fan and organization would like you to forget that Chris Anderson exists, and if the allegations against him are true, we'd all do well to comply

1) If the Nuggets are going to hit their threes in addition to being more athletic and deeper, there really aren't many other ways for the Lakers to win Game Seven... unless, of course, they just slow it down, thug it up, and win at the line, which is definitely going to happen

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