Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top 20 Nuggets - Lakers Game Seven Takeaways

20) Metta World Hunger got the start, because he was the only Laker with fresh legs

19) We can safely classify Pau Gasol a Home Only player now

18) Despite his relatively weak game tonight, my man-crush on Kenneth Faried shows no signs of abating

17) I'm not sure why Ty Lawson's shooting coach isn't traveling full-time with the Nuggets

16) Had George Karl swapped in Timofey Mozgov for Kosta Koufos earlier, maybe this doesn't go seven, but remember, Ring-Less George Is A Genius

15) ) When Steve Blake hits long bailout threes, World Disorder scores, and Andrew Bynum actually wants to play, the Lakers are a lot more formidable

14) Al Harrington actually had some decent minutes in this game, so the Lakers busted his face again

13) It's a little bit telling that the Lakers' good games rarely match up with Kobe Bryant's good games

12) As the Lakers went on their second quarter run and restored the age-old order to the NBA Universe, Your Humble Blogger went to the booze for realsies, which made everything much easier to take

11) Denver looked more like a team that was happy to get to Game Seven, rather than a team that was eager to win it

10) The last 24 hours returned the order to the Clipper-Laker universe, and the next 24 hours will set it in concrete

9) When the Nuggets went small, they actually provoked a run and got back in the game, mostly because that's when the Lakers tried to exploit World Pollution on offense

8) The Lakers owe this series win, in no small measure, to Steve Freaking Blake, which doesn't speak much to the Nuggets' ability to close out on shooters

7) Denver's 24-5 run to turn a blowout into a nail biter coincided with Laker management telling the fans about free tacos, which makes all of the karmic sense in the world

6) The Lakers got eight three pointers in their first 75 points from Blake and World Peak Oil, and were still tied

5) Bynum more or less made a wish on Javale McGee's arm with 4.9 seconds left and the game in hand, because he wants to be more like World Turmoil

4) As fun as the Nuggets are, this series basically proved the point that Big Is Better Than Little

3) Wizard Fan (again, play along with me and pretend he exists) is oddly heartened by the news that McGee still sucks

2) My only real consolation from this series is that Oklahoma City should treat this Lakers team like a punching dummy

1) Once again, Non-Laker Con-Celtic Fast And Pleasant To Watch NBA Basketball Fan takes it without lube

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snd_dsgnr said...

Ron Artest's defense played a big part in this game, and he had no business being back this early from suspension. Andrew Bynum continues to be the biggest punk in professional sports today.

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