Monday, May 21, 2012

Top 20 Sixers - Celtics Game Five Takeaways

20) Ray Allen started due to the injuries to Avery Bradley, who appears to no longer have shoulders, as part of the Sixer Injury Trail Of Tears

19) This was a better start than Game Four, in that the Sixers scored before going down 14

18) Both teams seemed to react to big men passing, and penetration, as if it were a whole new way of playing ball

17) Greg Stiesma actually had good minutes early, in that it was All Frontcourt Players Score Night

16) The team that started well has lost every game in this series

15) Chris Webber started the Celtic Apology Tour by talking about how hurt they are, as if this was some kind of unforeseen tragedy for the oldest team in the Association

14) Evan Turner really does rebound like a guy six inches taller than he actually is

13) Jodie Meeks and Mikael Pietrus thugged each other, just to prove they deserve minutes

12) Ryan Hollins finally had a good moment for Green that didn't involve running a delay of game block after a made hoop

11) Shockingly, the road team got no free throws for a really long time tonight, and never, ever got close again on that score

10) Doc Rivers sounded really desperate in the first half of this one, when his team was down all of five points, because he understood how much the refs were keeping him in this

9) Andre Iguodala's throwdown as Rajon Rondo was putting bodies all over the floor was all kinds of manly

8) The Turner to Holiday to Brand fast break with a minute gone in the second half was some of the prettiest ball movement you've ever seen from this laundry

7) Brandon Bass should really not be the reason why you lose a playoff game, let alone a series

6) When the Celtics made their run in the third quarter, that's just the difference between a team with an extra gear at home, with the refs in the bag, and one without

5) Regardless of the gift-wrapped goodie bag job the refs did tonight, Philly can't win with this many turnovers

4) It's not like anyone will remember, but Elton Brand really played well tonight

3) We've now reached that point in the playoffs where every win and loss seems like incredible momentum that can't be overcome

2) Chris Webber's orgasmic "Rondo!" call late in the fourth was impressive, since it's tough to make that much noise when you've got Boston Fan's phallus in your mouth

1) I'd like to think there will be a Game Seven, given that the Sixers will be at home and owed a get-even game from the refs, but it's not how you should bet

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