Monday, May 21, 2012

Top 20 takeaways from Spurs - Clippers Game Four

The UnderTimmy
20) It might be good strategy, but the intentional fouling strategy from Greg Popovich ensures the continued ill will of all right-thinking NBA fans, and really needs to be stopped by the league

19) While the Spurs' system makes everyone look better, trust me on the fact that Danny Green is a hell of a player, especially on defense

18) When the Clippers play really, really well, they make runs against this Spurs team that don't seem to scare San Antonio, well, at all

17) Charles Barkley's full-on war against the merits of San Antonio's nightlife and women shows no sign of abating

16) The real problem with trying to beat this Spurs team is just their relentlessly effective offense, regardless of the personnel that's on the floor

15) Eric Bledsoe played the game of his life tonight, and really looks like an NBA starter

14) Manu Ginobili's elbows are so sharp, they actually caused a stitch-worthy cut on Blake Griffin's lip

13) This is the first game of the series in which Chris Paul actually looked like himself, and DeAndre Jordan looked like somebody you could win with

12) If Paul could flop like Ginobili, he'd have been shooting three free throws at the end of the first half, and Clipper Fan might not have so much practice in chanting "Ref You Suck"

11) Tim Duncan played major minutes tonight, in case you were wondering if the Spurs cared that much about ending this in four

10) Clipper Fan marks out so hard for Reggie Evans, it's a little embarrassing, especially when the guy is an auto-turnover when the Spurs go to deliberate fouls

9) For a guy with as much knee trouble in his past as Bledsoe, he sure is willing to fall down a lot to try and draw calls

8) When the Clips went with Kenyon Martin and Evans, it was basically 3 on 5 on the offensive end

7) Duncan's got more left in his tank than most guys will have in their whole careers

6) Paul's make with 2:27 left, an and-one layup in traffic that went off the top of the backboard, defied sanity and physics

5) San Antonio was the first team to 100, which is usually a really good sign of which team will win

4)  Independent of anything else, this was a fantastic game to watch, not that anyone on East Coast stayed up to do that

3) The Clippers' first turnover in the second half came with 13 seconds left in the game, with Paul not being able to run the gauntlet on one last charge down the lane

2) Clipper Fan proved, on many levels, that they are a much better fan base than the Lakers in this game

1) The Spurs have now won 18 in a row, and look for all the world like a team that will make it 26

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