Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top 20 takeaways from Thunder-Lakers Game Four

20) James Harden can't wait to go back to OKC, where Kobe Bryant only gets 9 out of 10 calls

19) When your bigs walk downcourt rather than go after an offensive rebound, that's when the Laker bigs have already won

18) Pau Gasol has great post moves, especially when he can hook-and-ladder guys with his elbows

17) Kendrick Perkins took a technical foul for slapping Ramon Sessions, just to show that at heart, he's still a Celtic

16) If you can get the Thunder into a low-turnover game, that's more than half of the battle

15) Kobe Bryant had that No One Else Needs To Show Up look to him in this one, which usually isn't a good sign for the Lakers actually winning the game

14) After watching his third quarter burst, Russell Westbrook should slip and hurt himself more often

13) Since the Lakers have had back to back humanitarian award winners, we can ignore the cheap shots, ref puling and general punk-ass behavior

12) Serge Ibaka blocked two straight shots with incredible hops and the power of hate, giving everyone the hint that the comeback could happen

11) When Metta World Peace is the best player on the floor, it's unfortunate for humanity, and even more so for TNT's over-the-top dignity-crushing outros

10) The Thunder defense when trying to cut the lead under seven was, um, amazing

9) Westbrook has no fear, which might not be a win in the long run

8) Bryant hit a jumper at the buzzer over Harden that was absurd

7) Durant missed two free throws that could have tied it with 2:30 left, which only he is likely to remember

6) The problem for Bryant guarding Durant is that, um, he's six inches shorter and ten years older

5) Perkins' first bucket of the night was fairly well-timed

4) Ibaka's fifth foul on Bryant was straight out of the All Star Collection

3) The last minute of this game defied description on every level, and then Kevin Durant just ended it

2) I'd like to think the Thunder are going to close this out in five, but I'm not really sure the Association's officials are going to allow that

1) Somehow, I'm not quite buying the idea that the Thunder aren't a good half-court team, seeing how they've got the most athletic point guard in the game, and the most efficient scorer

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