Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top 20 Thunder - Lakers Game Three Takeaways

20) You will be shocked, just shocked, to hear that Jordan Hill and Metta World War took a post-whistle opportunity to try to get in some cheap shots

19) If you want evidence that Russell Westbrook is growing up before our eyes, consider how well he played after the double technical with World Wide Warped

18) The Lakers got off to a big early lead, which as the Celtics showed earlier in the evening, meant absolutely nothing

17) Kevin Durant scored twice tonight on absurd attempts to just get to the line, because he's that crazy skilled and the refs were crazy crooked

16) Ramon Sessions had that "Oh, he can play at home" playoff game that all borderline starters get

15) James Harden is well and truly hated by the Laker crowd, since it's all his stupid head's fault that World Mourning had to go away

14) Judging by the number of reactions shots, Jack Nicholson has a coaching position on the Lakers

13) Watching Derek Fisher try to guard Kobe Bryant is comedic on many levels

12) It's pretty unfair when the younger team also has the dramatically better bench

11) Jeff van Gundy complains that we're getting too many statistics, because sports and his analysis only makes sense if you can't put numbers or thought to it

10) I'm not saying that the refs were in the bag for LA tonight to get a longer series, but they were wearing Forum Blue and Gold

9) Independent of anything else that happens this playoff series, the Lakers made the right move in ditching Fisher for Sessions and Steve Blake

8) Kobe cost his team a lot in the fourth quarter, but he can still get phantom foul calls on Harden, and everyone else

7) The fact that the Thunder have not been turnover-prone in the playoffs is one more reason to think that the Western winner will sweep the finals

6) If the Lakers got as many second shots early in the game as they get late, they'd be in a lot better shape

5) OKC has no fear of quick shots in crunch time, which is probably a winning strategy, given how hard life gets late in the shot clock

4) If you liked made free throws, this was the game for you

3) The fact that World In Pain got a strip on Durant with 13 seconds left kind of tells you where the refs and league wanted this one to go

2) Serge Ibaka must have forgotten the scoreboard to try for a putback, down 3 with 2 seconds left

1) The first Thunder playoff loss of the season only required the Lakers to shoot 41 of 42 from the line while taking 14 more free throws

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snd_dsgnr said...

David Stern Special if ever I saw one.

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