Sunday, May 6, 2012

Top Ten Takeaways From Heat - Knicks Game Four

10) It's a shame that Baron Davis got hurt, because he had so much more to give, and was so much fun to watch this year

9) If you want to go to Hack A Bron at this point, I think I'd be down with it, if only because everyone kind of wants to see LeBron get hacked a lot

8) Jeff van Gundy actually hyped Amar'e Stoudamire being effective in coming back from injury, as if the injury wasn't the biggest act of willful stupidity in NBA history

7) This game proved that if the Heat don't shoot threes or free throws, even a terrible defensive team with ballhog issues can win a game at home

6) Knick Fan knows how to chant "Beat the Heat", which means that they are, in fact, wildly sophisticated Manhattan types

5) JR Smith left his shot in China, but not his lack of conscience

4) James now has roman numerals on his teeth to remind everyone who looks at him that he's a tool

3) There really hasn't ever been as good of a shot blocker at shooting guard than Dwyane Wade

2) If you need a big man to finish with less power and lift than most point guards, that's Amar'e

1) The Knicks used clutch lack of free throw shooting and terrible final possession by Wade to break their playoff losing streak, but they'll start another one soon

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