Friday, June 15, 2012

Heat - Thunder Game Two Top 40 Takeaways

40) OKC plays Star Wars music for the Heat, because LeBron James' hairline is so Darth-esque

39) The Heat started Chris Bosh at center, just to try to tempt Kendrick Perkins into committing acts of offense

38) The Thunder really should remove those lids that they keep on the rim at the start of the game

37) Bosh being on the floor for the big early start made every armchair pundit think they were smarter than Spoelstra, and who am I to argue with them

36) Perkins gives back a lot of his rebounding edge when he's turning it over

35) Serge Ibaka might be the only guy in the NBA who can guard Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in transition, since he can block anyone at any time

34)Wade actually had some value in the first quarter, so I'm thinking he had a knee drained

33) The Heat started 16-2 before finally going to James Harden, which was kind of ridiculous

32) Durant picking up his second foul with his team down 14 after 8 minutes was all kinds of Prophetic Trouble

31) Thabo Sefalosha is a great defender, but when James is getting it in deep post position, not so much

30) With the big early lead, Spoelstra was able to gives Norris Cole and James Jones minutes, which might have something in common with his team not sucking on oxygen tanks late

29) When OKC is down 13, their crowd made it sound like they were up 20

28) Westbrook's second foul occurred because, once again, Sefalosha can't dunk and RW can't think

27) Without Harden, OKC would have been down 27-5 after the first quarter

26) The Thunder bench are a major reason why this was a game

25) Westbrook's first-half jumpers were the single biggest reason for his team's deficit, though it's not as if Durant was lighting it up either

24) The next call that Mario Chalmers gets will be his first

23) The Heat kept the lead with defense, which is something they didn't do in Game One

22) Bosh was responsible for an unconscionable number of extra possessions in the first half

21) For as good as the Heat played in the first half, and as bad as Westbrook and Durant shot... it was still just a 12-point game

20) Battier has given the Heat more in these first two games than he did in the first two series

19) It was good that the refs started blowing the whistle on everything in the third quarter, since the game was getting too watchable

18) OKC might want to reconsider this leave Battier wide open at the arc strategy

17) Tonight saw the return of the Perkins who stares at people when they score, last seen in Game 2 of the Spurs series

16) Durant's fourth and fifth fouls were just, well, dumb

15) OKC really couldn't afford to miss free throws in trying to come back from the deficit, and yet, still did

14) The Heat still haven't fixed their end of quarter offense

13) One of these days, we need to see a charge taking competition between Battier and Nick Collison

12) Wade's answer with 11 minutes left was just another counterpunch in a game filled with them

11) Thunder Fan doesn't use profanity even when they hate the refs, because that makes Baby Jebus cry, or something

10) Durant's dunk with 8:20 left and 5 fouls was joyous defiance and ten kinds of great

9) Harden goes down far too often to draw a charge call on James, probably ever

8) You don't win fourth quarters against Durant, you survive them

7) Battier's bank shot was absolutely immense, and the Durant follow corner three was why the NBA, at its best, is my favorite sport to watch

6) James went ten of ten tonight from the line, which is usually 2 or 3 points the Heat don't have

5) Battier's block call with 3:20 left only came after Durant's shot missed for conspiracy theory lovers

4) Chalmers' steal on Westbrook was the best hustle play of his life

3) Westbrook with the follow slam in transition is a play that no other point guard in the Association makes, especially after playing his minutes

2) I'd go chapter and verse on the final minute of play, but it's more worthy of a novel than a bullet point

1) The James no-call on the Durant baseline shot to tie was a terrible, conspiracy-worthy no-call, but as the Heat never trailed tonight and were the better team, really not worth the puling it will receive


snd_dsgnr said...

You know, for someone who claims to hate flopping so much Jeff Van Gundy never seems to call Battier out on it. And he should, because Battier's entire defensive game revolves around fouling constantly unless he's on the floor because he just flopped.

DMtShooter said...

The difference, of course, is that Battier played for him in Houston. It's OK if your guys do it.

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