Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Small And Obvious Point To Jerry Jones About The Cowboys' Super Bowl Window Closing

You have one playoff win in this century. (Actually, one in the last 17 years, but I'm feeling generous today. After all, you are old, possibly senile, and the very best thing that has ever happened to my laundry, with the possible exception of Daniel Snyder.)

That ranks 23rd in the NFL, ahead of only the Lions, Browns, Bengals, Bills, and Chiefs.

You are tied, on this marker, with the Redskins, Titans, Jaguars and Dolphins.

None of those teams, with the exception of the Titans who got their win last year with a third-string QB, has the temerity to be talking about reaching the Super Bowl.

That is because they understand that one playoff win in this century does not make them Super Bowl contenders. It makes them struggling franchises who have an awfully long way to go before anyone can, or should, take them seriously.

It makes them teams that have to prove themselves.

You know, with playoff wins.

So, um...

What the hell are you smoking, why won't you share, and what kind of photographs do you have of the national media to report what you say without laughing?

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