Friday, June 22, 2012

Thunder - Heat Game 5 Top 50 Takeaways

50) Both teams started off cold, because of the enormity of the situation, or something

49) Durant's early foul seemed like a big deal, since he's had so many of them, but really wasn't

48) Heat Fan freaked out over Russell Westbrook getting cleanly fouled, both in real time and on the replay

47) Shane Battier's three and steal got the Heat back on top and flying, which seems to happen a lot

46) Kendrick Perkins showed that you don't have to be on Mario Chalmers' team to scream at him

45) Dwyane Wade picked up two fouls in his first five minutes and stayed in, because Erik Spoelstra was correct to think there was no way he'd actually be in foul trouble later

44) Thabo Sefalosha's second foul was just terrible, in that he had no hope of actually stopping LeBron James three feet from the hoop, and matched the rest of his night

43) No single player in these Finals did more damage to his reputation than James Harden

42) James getting the make and foul on Ibaka happened about three minutes after Scott Brooks should have called a timeout, which is to say, when Brooks always calls his time outs

41) Chalmers turned it over in clear space, because he's actually not all that great at dribbling a basketball

40) When Chris Bosh is blowing past Perkins for dunks, you really have to wonder what purpose having Perkins on the floor serves

39) If Mike Miller doesn't retire after this series, he must really need the money

38) OKC stayed close in the first despite Miami hitting 9 straight shots, which was foreshadowing, or something

37) Norris Cole really doesn't have any idea that he's not great

36) The second Durant foul is like dozens of other calls in this series, where the offensive player was penalized for being athletic

35) James hit Harden on the face, which Harden embellished, but still, um, a huge man hit him in the face to gain space

34) Harden's defense on James at this point in the series was mostly theoretical

33) I have no idea why Brooks kept putting Perkins on the floor, and you don't either

32) Wade's third foul, where he dove for a man's ankles like a dirty pulling guard, was unexpected for him at home

31) When the Heat are hitting threes and generating turnovers, basketball becomes a wilding and suspense ends in a real big hurry

30) You kind of knew it wasn't the Thunder's game, or series, from all of the rattle rattle rattle rattle out shots when the game was close

29) Durant's opening third quarter three was a terrible possession and great result, and gave the illusion of competitiveness

28) The Chalmers three with 10:10 ended a 5-point sequence that went Miami's way, like so many others

27) The Battier three with 9:32 left in the third was the official sign that these guys were not ever going to miss enough to make it a game again

26) While he had no chance of really earning it, Battier's third three, with 7 minutes left in the third after 20 seconds of great OKC defense, was MVPish

25) This is the Heat team that everyone feared -- guys hitting a limitless number of wide-open threes

24) One hour after the game ended, Westbrook was still out there, missing shots

23) The flagrant blocking call on Fisher is a bad call, even by the standards of this series

22) Independent of rooting interest, it's kind of sad to watch the season end in a blowout, especially when every other game was down to the wire

21) Kudos to LeBron to smack Chalmers down when things got out of hand in the third

20) The Thunder hit back to back threes to start the fourth and just traded baskets, due to Mike Miller

19) When Durant tries to be stubborn and take over on offense, turnovers ensue, which is why he's never going to shoot enough to satisfy people

18) Actually, ESPN, the final 12 minutes of game play couldn't go quickly enough for everyone but Heat Fan

17) Even up 20+ points and in borderline coronation time, the Heat are still prone to riding the refs

16) James' triple-double conversion, where he wrestled the ball away from Wade and got two offensive boards before the end-one, should have been the last moment when a starter played in this game

15) Harden made some threes late to help disguise the depths of his play in this series

14) I'm really hoping that the Heat let this go to their heads

13) Cole Aldrich scored, and when that happens, you know you didn't get your full 48 minutes worth of hoop

12) Why the Heat starters were on the floor as late as they were, we'll never know

11) The Thunder bench made the final score look a little bit like a basketball game

10) You really have to feel good that Eddy Curry is finally going to get a ring

9) While it would be nice to think the Thunder will be back, it's not exactly certain, given how difficult their conference is

8) Give Miami Fan credit, in that they stayed for the whole game this time

7) ESPN botched the post-game awards, surprising both people in America who still thought well of them

6) LeBron was so happy by the end of this game, he even showed America his real hairline

5) We now enter the long dark summer of games that don't really matter that much, the tyranny of baseball, and way too much premature fantasy football

4) As good as James was in this series, the Heat won because of the supporting cast played out of their minds

3) I still think that if this series had gone back to Oklahoma City, the Heat could have blown it

2) It's hard to see how the Heat are going to be a true dynasty when they are this thin, old and injured, but it's not as if others won't come here to hunt rings

1) Not withstanding the crappy ending, this was the best playoff season in recent memory

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