Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thunder - Heat Game Three Top 40 Takeaways

40) The refs decided to not have a million ticky-tacky fouls in the first quarter, which was nice

39) Chris Bosh continues to be competent, which is all kinds of good news for the Heat

38) The Heat's ball movement was a lot better at home, and so was their hustle

37) Neither team could make a three pointer in the first quarter, which is why the score stayed low, despite both teams shooting well

36) OKC took a lead in this game, which meant they were already ahead of Game 2

35) Scott Brooks took a technical for complaining about a call that was reversed, which was then missed, proving Rasheed Wallace's 'Ball Don't Lie' dictate

34) Durant hit a jumper over Wade, then told him he was too small, which sounds pretty personal to me, really

33) Miami led through much of this game, despite not being able to make anything outside of the paint, which is a little hard to imagine, really

32) Wade's jumper with 8 minutes left in the second missed by enough to get him off the court at your local Y

31) LeBron James intends to win this series strictly with his post game

30) With the game tied at 31, Mario Chalmers made a steal in transition to set up a James to Wade layup, which was one of those 4-point plays that cause an immediate timeout

29) Westbrook has clearly watched some Rajon Rondo highlights against the Heat

28) James Harden was called for an and-one foul on Wade on a play where he committed little, if any, act of defense

27) Wade can't just fall down in transition for an automatic trip to the line anymore

26) It's news to everyone who watches just the Finals that Shane Battier is the best three point shooter in the NBA

25) Derek Fisher's 4-point play with Durant and Westbrook on the bench was an immense play

24) If you love watching guys get fouled while shooting corner threes, this was the game for you

23) Since the series can only go for four more games, that's how many more times we can hear that Jeff Van Gundy coached Battier in Houston

22) Durant doesn't usually get in foul trouble, which is news to anyone who only watches the Finals

21) In other news that Finals-only viewers will consider news, the Thunder are a good free-throw shooting team

20) Scott Brooks looked at his ten-point third quarter lead and decided that Durant being on the bench was also a good time to put Westbrook down

19) In other news, Serge Ibaka isn't allowed on the court in the fourth quarter, because James encountering a shot blocker late is just wrong, I guess

18) You'd think that a basketball team in the NBA Finals would be able to hit a jump shot from time to time, but that's really not the Heat's game

17) Udonis Haslem blocked Fisher, and then his head

16) Miami Fan knows how to chant about refs, too

15) Harden to Durant for the dunk with nine minutes left was just about the best execution you could have of that play

14) Chalmers' first basket of the day clearly should not have been allowed, since it involved an illegal out of bounds save from James

13) If the Thunder had hit free throws worth a damn, they would have had a reasonable lead in the fourth

12) Both of these teams are bringing the wood on shot blocking

11) Miami's fan base seems much more worried in close games than OKC's

10) Wade gets more separation from his leading leg than anyone outside of Kobe Bryant

9) The Heat were unconscious from the line, which is, once again, not how things went during the meaningless regular season

8) Durant's fifth foul came after a terrible offensive possession, was a clear foul on his part, and makes you wonder if, once again, the Thunder are too young

7) Miami likes to run clock a long time before it makes sense to run clock

6) If Miami had blown this game in the fourth, you would have heard a lot more about their huge number of turnovers in the fourth

7) James early in the clock is so much better than James late in the clock

6) Sefalosha's one-man press on Wade to get the steal and layup was a clinic

5) James' pass to Bosh with 80 seconds left was great, got the Heat two more FT points, and will get him no credit

4) Harden's foul was a weak flop and a worse call, and just bad all over

3) Much of this series has been great hoop, but with all of the turnovers in the fourth quarter tonight, this game didn't quite qualify

2) It doesn't really tell the story, but the Heat are now 18-2 when Joey Crawford is the ref

1) Since OKC failed to win this game and looked bad late, we will now enter a 45-hour period of questioning everything about them as players, a team, and men

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