Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the Kings winning the Stanley Cup

Quick's out of the crease again, the show-off
10) Since some of their fans could conceivably have been waiting 45 years for this, it's OK that there really weren't that many

9) It's always nice when a U.S. team wins this, because it's a lot of fun to watch Canadians grind their teeth a little extra when feigning politeness

8) This totally shows the importance of hockey's regular season, or as it's better known inside NHL boardrooms, The Theft Games

7) Flyer Fan feels just a little bit better for watching old laundry guys win and the Devils lose, which is to say, he feels 98% miserable, rather than 100%

6) Devil Fan can console himself with the fact that since the major media only really cares about the Rangers, no one will dwell on this in public for more than a week

5) Aside from the players, everyone involved was really disappointed that the Kings ended this before they got to take one more magical trip to Newark

4) Once the Kings got the first period lead on the power play, they went to the incredible strategy of having Jonathan Quick as their goalie

3) Thankfully, the Devils are not from Boston, so we don't get to hear how the refs were totally in the tank for LA

2) Dustin Brown picked a nice game to show up for

1) As always in the Stanley Cup players, the best team... in May and June, or the team with the best goalie, or um, some other indicator for a league that hasn't had a repeat champion in decades... won, or something

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