Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the NBA Draft

10) David Stern engineered an incredible conspiracy to make sure that the Hornets got to draft Austin Rivers

9) The Cavs were very excited to spend the 8th pick in the draft on a guy who didn't even start for his college team

8) Andre Drummond went to Detroit, which is kind of interesting news to Greg Monroe, who plays the same position and might be their only other good young player

7) Only one player in the first round came from overseas, which means this draft must totally suck

6) Kentucky had three players chosen in the top nine picks, which leads me to believe that they must have been good last year

5) Warriors fans are really psyched about getting Harrison Barnes, a skinny 6'-8" power forward with a jump shot, because this worked out so well the last time, when he was named Antwan Jamison

4) John Wall might be bent out of shape by his club taking Bradley Beal, a similar guard from Florida, after all he's done to make this franchise better

3) Portland reached for a point guard from the basketball powerhouse that is Weber State, then followed it up with a big white center from Illinois, because Paul Allen totally does not need to hire an experienced or competent GM

2) My Sixers got just what they needed - an athletic tweener swingman with suspect range -- because you can never have enough of those guys

1) Every team after the first two picks was very, very surprised when the guy they drafted was still there

1 comment:

snd_dsgnr said...

Barnes is a better athlete and has a better shooting stroke than Jamison did at the same age. And that's coming from someone who adored Jamison and was relatively lukewarm on Barnes.

I'm actually kind of interested to see if sliding to 7 lights a fire under Barnes, he was someone mentioned as a possible #1 pick if he had come out last year. I frequently got the impression watching him play that he could be better than he was showing.

Oh, and I don't think I'd call him a power forward.

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