Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Twelve Reasons Why The Pacquiao-Bradley Fight Wasn't Fixed

12) If there were widespread allegations and outrage about the fight being fixed, it would cause boxing's national commission... um, the boxer's union... um, the elected officials respon... um, someone in power to notice and be really, really mad

11) For the fight to be fixed, there would have to be compelling financial reasons for a massive underdog to win

10) Pac-Man had 12 rounds to put Bradley on the canvas and didn't, so he pretty much deserves whatever comes next

9) Just because you throw and land many, many more punches, and your punches had much more power, and everyone thinks one fighter won it, that means nothing

8) One of the judges for Bradley said "I shouldn't be a judge", which admittedly is out of context, but certainly not something an old, crooked and defensive guy would say

7) Just because Bradley promoted a rematch on his Twitter feed before this bout happened, that doesn't means there's anything crooked going on here, no sir

6) Since boxing fans buy any Pay Per View no matter how many times they've been burned, like a battered wife with a meth habit and dealer husband, there's no reason to fix a fight to build up some other guy's rep

5) As Paul Pierce can attest, the guy who uses the wheelchair first always wins

4) For something to be fixed, there would have to be some incredible conspiracy in which, um, two guys are crooked, in the largest gambling town in the country

3) If the fight was fixed, Bradley would have had more confidence than to admit defeat after the final bell, since devious fixing masterminds always tell the fighters

2) Two of the three judges combine for 145 years of age and were kept up late by Pacquaio's fondness for the NBA, but since old people never hold grudges against those who keep them up late, we're good there too

1) Nothing like this ever happens in boxing, unless you count the dozen similar instances like this that have happened in boxing

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