Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 10 consolations for Adam Scott

Feel better, British Open Flameout! I'm sure you'll laugh about this some day. Just like, well, the rest of us...

10) This meltdown was a lot more understandable than Jean Van Der Velde's 18th hole for the ages

9) Ernie Els would have just nuked him in a playoff anyway

8) No one really remembers who falls apart in majors

7) If he decides to never play this course again, no one will blame him

6) No one is going to think those belly long putters should be made illegal any more

5) He still got, you know, paid

4) This is going to make him a lot more memorable than if he, you know, actually won the thing

3) He's certain to learn from this and use it in the future, which sounds a lot better until you think about what exactly he's learned

2) He's going to have a lot of consolations from other sad losers

1) Els is a friend, so that makes this all OK, really

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