Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Dusty Baker is puling about Tony LaRussa's All-Star picks

10) Attacking LaRussa's integrity is fun for the whole family

9) Standing up for his players costs nothing and is sure to inspire them for, well, minutes

 8) LaRussa totally didn't spoon after their last encounter, and said he'd call, but totally never did

7) Both men really wanted to give ESPN and Blogfrica a lay up during the July dead zone

6) The Cardinals-Reds brawl is, actually, the only brawl in the last 20 years in baseball where lasting hard feelings were kept

5) Doesn't quite understand that when you don't bring a guy to the All-Star Game, you are giving them an actual break during the middle of the season, as well as preventing them from having another costly tidbit in arbitration

4) Baker is just standing up for all of America, who will refuse to watch them game if guys that the fans and players did not vote in don't get to go

3) Knows that if he yells about this long enough, everyone will forget about Zach Greinke's far more deserving beef

2) Wanted to make the inevitable injury replacement call to be really, really awkward

1) Knows that it's fun for all of us when two really regrettable bitter old guys get all catty

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