Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Troy Polamalu hid concussions

Full Bodied Protection
10) Didn't want people to think that his Tourette's -esque praying was ineffective

9) Afraid that this could somehow lead to losing that Head and Shoulders commercial deal

8) Knew that even while severely mentally scrambled, knew more of the defensive play calling than anyone else in the Steeler secondary

7) Wants a post-football career in broadcasting, and thinks many concussions are the only way to compete with those who are currently employed

6) Enjoys lying to the coaching and training staff, and reaching a higher grade of lying to them in the future

5) Knows that massive brain injuries are the only true way into the hearts of Steeler Fan

4) Doesn't see the difference between injuries to the brain and any other part of the body

3) All the cool kids were doing it

2) What the rest of us call a concussion, USC guys call a particularly slow party

1) Enjoys that tingly feeling and the ability to forget past plays, especially this one

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