Friday, July 6, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Carl Crawford being the target of a racial slur

Making Friends
10) It all serves as an excellent reminder that, dollar for dollar, your best heckling opportunity is a minor league rehab assignment

9) Now that New England Fan has played the race card, Crawford is sure to become a sympathetic figure

8) This kind of thing happens a lot more when you don't get on base while getting wildly overpaid

7) Give the man his due; he knows how to sell tickets

6) We all need to ignore the fact that this kind of thing happens an awful lot in Boston, as they kind of hate it when that gets pointed out

5) Tampa Fan is just loving every part of this, really

4) Crawford's return to the majors, with similar distractions and problems, is imminent

3) To be fair, lots of other fans just gave him grief for being a terrible player

2) If you are still holding out hope for his fantasy league relevance, your team has been out of contention since May

1) If MLB had an amnesty program for contracts, Crawford would have been out of town with bells on

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