Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the Dwight Howard trade talks

10) According to insiders, Howard is going to to be the first player in NBA history to play for a half dozen teams at once

9) Shockingly, none of the teams that are interested in him seem too worried about his back problem, which basically means they are all OK with mortgaging their teams to get a guy that quit on his longtime teammates

8) You have to admire how much Howard is committed to driving down his trade value before leaving

7) It's a little known rule that all trades in the NBA have to happen by early July, or they totally don't count

6) When you'd rather sign brittle non-rebounding Brook Lopez, that's kind of saying something

5) On some level, you kind of hope that the Magic trade him to the Bobcats, just as an object lesson to other superstars that try to pick their team without being free agents

4) Orlando would have probably already traded him to the Lakers if it weren't for their past history of sending big men to LA

3) There's no truth to the rumor that Orlando is trying very hard to send him to Portland or Houston, just to make sure he gets brutally hurt

2) If you're not sick of this story by now, thanks for reading the blog, Mr. Howard

1) As soon as a trade gets down, no matter what gets given up, the team that acquires him will see its odds of winning the title drop in Vegas

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