Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the Lakers trading for Steve Nash

10) Adding an aging point guard with severe injury and defensive issues makes them a certain title contender

9) Given that this gives the team sever payroll issues, it probably means the end of the Metta World Problem era, which is what the Lakers would call two birds with one stone

8) It's nice that Nash can give his native Canada one last kick in the groin on his way out of the Association by not getting to the Raptors

7) Given that Nash has made Marcin Gortat and Channing Frye look like competent NBA players, you can forgive Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum for getting a little giddy right about now

6) Somewhere in Los Angeles, there is someone who is upset about the end of the Ramon Sessions era, which is to say, Ramon Sessions has family in Los Angeles

5) Chris Paul now actually has to guard someone in his games against the Lakers

4) Nash would do well to bring the Suns' physical training staff with him, seeing how they are the only people in the Association to fix his back issues and keep Grant Hill upright

3) Kobe Bryant has never worked with an elite point guard before, assuming Nash still qualifies, at least on the offensive end

2) It's more than a fair question to ask why Mike Brown, whose presumed value as a coach is entirely tied up in defense, is still employed

1) With Nash, the Lakers are much more likely to score 100 points and get their fans free tacos, which is the only thing they really care about

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