Monday, July 23, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from removing the Joe Paterno statue

10) There's no truth to the rumor that Penn State is secretly auctioning off the statue to some of the creepiest people on Earth to pay the inevitable NCAA fines

9) Since PSU is a public university, Pennsylvania's taxpayers really should know how much this weekend / overtime construction job, snowplow placement and cop deployment cost

8) It's completely fair to ask what the loser kids who were camping out at the statue were doing when the ax fell

7) We've clearly lost something great here, which is the opportunity for non-worshippers to take all kinds of hateful photos in front of this thing

6) Seriously, it's not like a great work of art was lost here, seeing how creepy the JoePa face was on it

5) If PSU didn't take the thing down, the NCAA told them they were going to make them join the Big East as part of their punishment

4) The real victims here are the anonymous guys running after him

3) Given how visible this thing has been over the last week, it's a darn shame that the school didn't sell ad space for the little hole that was left

2) The people who are objecting to the removal begin their statements with "With all respect to the victims", as if they actually, well, gave any kind of damn about them in relation to the religion that is Penn State Football

1) If you are going to put up a tarp to cover up your work from prying media eyes, maybe you should have just done it in the middle of the night, really

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Tracer Bullet said...

If you really want to give your brain a workout, read a few PSU blogs, then go straight to reading dumb stories about Vick's "dynasty" comment. You'll bursting with mind power. Assuming you don't fall dead on the floor.

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