Monday, July 9, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Vicente Padilla saying Mark Teixeira would be better off playing a woman's sport

10) Padilla believes Teixeira should make 70% of what he currently makes

9) Given that Teix kind of owns him, Padilla must fantasize about being dominated by women, along with the men

8) Padilla owns Teix in his fantasy league, and wants to give him fuel for a better second half

7) It's great that this has flared up, because those Yankee - Red Sox games really deserve more media attention

6) Padilla believes that his masculinity, rather than his incompetence, is the reason why he doesn't get to stay with a team more than a year or two

5) Latino players in MLB are really excited about having a well-spoken and respected player like Padilla represent them

4) Since Padilla has been teammates with 24% of all current MLB players, Teix must be the femmest of the femme

3) Poor Michael Young and Frank Francisco are wondering just why the hell they had to get their names dragged into this

2) Padilla is planting the seeds for a future Foxy Baseball league where he owns a franchise

1) Baseball pitchers are, on a per capita basis, the dumbest athletes you will ever hope to interview, and as such, Blogfrica's best friends

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