Monday, July 30, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the worst July in Royals history

10) When the highlight of your month as a team is breaking even in Toronto, that's not a good month

9) Perhaps Robinson Cano was right after all

8) Somehow, releasing Jonathan Sanchez didn't make everything all better

7) Now might be the time to make an offer to the Jonathan Broxton owner in your fantasy league

6) Just in case you were wondering, Bruce Chen is still in the league, which pretty much explains three of the losses

5) The really remarkable thing about this month is that they didn't even play any particularly hot, or good, teams

4) This is proof that well-regarded young talent does not have to translate into winning baseball teams

3) In case you were wondering just how they've managed this, the 5.69 ERA in a pitcher's era kind of explains things

2) Royal Fan, assuming he can still be said to exist, might not want to be Trusting The Plan much longer

1) Seeing how they've won six whole games, it is something of a shock that this is their worst July

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