Monday, July 23, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the Yankees trading for Ichiro

10) Finally, the team will be well-known in Japan

9) Consid- ering how right field plays in the Bronx, he might finally become a power threat (he has slugged nearly .500 there to date)

8) There is no truth to the rumor that the Mariners would only do this deal provided they didn't get back Fat Broken Michael Pineda

7) If New York is really, really lucky, he'll be half the player Brett Gardner was

6) You have to admire the Mariners for sticking the needle into their loyal fans by trading him now, rather than after the series with New York is over

5) Nick Swisher just became the second least intelligible member of the Yankee outfield

4) Now that he's been traded to New York, Ichiro actually has a chance to go to the Hall of Fame

3) New York only made the trade because of Ichiro's solid career numbers against those terrifying Oakland A's

2) His .288 OBP for 2012 might make the Yankees reconsider, you know, moving Derek Jeter out of the leadoff spot for him

1) This is really going to depress the Mariners' remaining fan, which is a real shame, because people in Seattle are always so upbeat and cheerful

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