Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Brief And Obvious Point For Penn State Football Fans

Going to CA for your career? TRAITOR!
The young men who came to play football for your school are not, in fact, doing so out of a deep and abiding wonder of being your personal puppets, or out of a need to join the vast tapestry of the team's history.

Nor did they, in all likelihood, dream of wearing your laundry as the final point of their football playing life, with no regard for their future prospects as professionals.

Instead, they made a calculated bet and decision that your, um, school (in that any Division 1-A football program is, at best, tangentially related at best to a true college experience) was the best place to chase their dream of making 7 figures and up in their '20s as an NFL player.

You see, getting paid a lot of money to play football? That's actually the dream. The biggest one, at least. Maybe along with winning a Super Bowl, being in Madden, landing some ridiculously attractive trim, buying Mom a house, etc., etc.

Your less-than-hallowed institution was simply a way-station. The same as any other. And now, it's stained and doomed and infamous, and the players who remain are left with the following calculated bet and decision.

Will more playing time for a team that's not going to contend for the post-season, in a charged and tense environment, for a cold-weather non-city in the middle of Nowhere, PA, in front of six figures and up of wildly myopic and demanding fans... going to actually be better for their future career than going to new situations where, in all likelihood, you will start right away and put all of this in your rear view mirror?

Some will stay, and star, and do well for staying. Hell, Temple has guys drafted pretty routinely; if the NFL has proven anything, it's that it will find talent regardless of what else is going on around it.

But the guys that go?

Are. Not. Wrong, To. Do. So.

And if you were them?

You'd probably do the exact same thing.

Because you'd be, you see, a potential professional football player.

And chasing a dream that could mean millions, rather than fighting for the glory of a cold weather non-city in the middle of Nowhere, PA...

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