Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FTT Off-Topic: By Their Deeds You Shall Know Them

Apologies, in advance, for the content: I know that a lot of you don't swing in my direction. But the one minute of unscripted behavior from today's Republican National Convention. It's the crowd of delegates hate-screeching "U-S-A!" at a podium speaker from that most dastardly and un-American of all places... Puerto Rico.

No, seriously.

It goes on for a full minute, until the disgusted principal comes out (OK, the RNC chairman, but pretty much the same thing) and tells them they all should be ashamed of themselves, and to STFU.

Now, I don't mean to give aid and comfort to people I don't agree with; if they'd like to pursue a path of obsolescence and exclusion to reach a path of powerlessness, that works for me. But, um, still. Y'all do realize that Caucasians, as a group, aren't going to be a voting majority fairly soon, right? And that if your party more or less works to drive anyone with a bit of pigment in their skin (or in the case of your Pro-Rape Platform, a womb), you aren't really set up to win majority rule elections?

But this, of course, isn't as much fun as making people feel bad about their speaking voices, or their ability to assimilate into a crowd of people they don't share a lot in common with, or even the fact that learning a second language isn't, you know, easy. Instead, chant with piss and vinegar at someone you can demonize, subjugate, exclude. And wonder, not at all, as to why you've got a problem attracting a more diverse group of people to your cause. Sigh...

(Oh, and if you want to spin that this was about some delegate fight between the Ron Paul people and the rest of the room... um, sure. SURE. Then your people are just remarkably dumb about how things might look to, well, people outside the room, and that little slap fights are more important than discouraging minority buy-in to your party. Boy, this is such a better story for you!)

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