Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Boomer Esaison thinks the Jets should cut Tim Tebow

10) Clearly hates God, Jebus, and Flyover Country

9) Doesn't want Tebow to break his non existent Jets records

8) Like everyone else in the greater New York region, can't see enough of Greg McElroy and Matt Simms (um, the other, non-Sanchez, QBs on the roster)

7) Ready to get to the next failed coach in the Jets' history

6) Bothered by how much Shirtless Tebow turned him on last week

5) Believes the team should go all-in with the Sanchise, because more traditional incompletes and taken sacks please him

4) As with all other right-thinking Americans, enjoys when Skip Bayless cries

3) Wants all of those sexy, sexy pro-choice ladies to know he's on their side in the Culture Wars

2) Hates, hates, hates circuses, and demands a return to the button-down seriousness that you can only find with a Rex Ryan-coached team

1) Like everyone else on the Internet (ahem, self included), just wants the traffic and attention boost that you get from saying the name of He Who Must Not Be Ignored

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