Saturday, August 4, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Dodger Fans booed Dwight Howard

10) The team was playing the Cubs, so the fans were bummed out that it wasn't Bill Murray

9) Actually were saying "Boo Urns" because they are all huge Simpsons' fans

8) Now that LeBron has a ring, it's time for a new superstar that everyone hates for getting away from a clueless organization

7) Stan van Gundy's network is surprisingly large

6) Loyal to Shaquille O'Neal's prior hold on the "Superman" gimmick

5) Had a lot of money on the Magic getting out of the first round

4) Vin Scully told them to with his secret mind control

3) The effort to not boo Hanley Ramirez is obviously causing a strain

2) Howard turns out to be a dead ringer for James Loney

1) Wearing that McCourt jersey might not have been a good idea

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