Sunday, August 12, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Dolphins cut Chad Johnson

10) Prefer their terrible football players to be less head-butty

9) Treating women badly is a gateway move to treating QBs badly

8) It's hard to make "Hard Knocks" compelling when you are a terrible franchise with no playoff hopes

7) Want to become the first team in NFL history to have no WRs drafted in fantasy

6) Just saw his numbers from New England

5) Thought they were signing Chad Ochocinco

4) Think that this current fad towards throwing the football will fade

3) Wanted to blow everyone's minds by making them realize that Terrell Owens is in the NFL while Chad isn't

2) Feel that both of their remaining fans will support them in this

1) Are confident that they can win 4 games with or without him

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