Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Mark Cuban has beef with Jason Kidd

10) Really thought that a guy on his 4th team and second circuit around the league would have more loyalty, especially since he provides fluffy bathrobes

9) Wanted to put Kidd's jersey in the rafters, but only if he was in it

8) Shockingly, very wealthy men do not like it when they don't get exactly what they want

7) If Cubes doesn't have beef with someone, there's a fairly good chance he's dead

6) Was looking forward to Kidd taking a position in the front office, and by position, we are letting your sick little imagination run wild

5) Because of Kidd's treachery involving the Knicks, Cubes now has to try to convince himself that Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo are going to work out

4) It's slowly dawning on him that he's not going to get Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum, and that maybe not leaving his crappy reality show to meet with Deron Williams might not have been, well, showing any kind of priorities... so this is all Kidd's fault

3) Kidd has dared to hurt his feelings, for which he must pay, PAY, PAY!!!

2) If you are going to call someone out, picking on an ancient back-up point for a likely cellar-dweller in the other conference isn't a bad choice at all, really

1) Just realized that if Kidd had simply hit more shots, played better defense, and refused to age, he wouldn't have had to give up that trophy he liked so much

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