Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Turner Broadcasting bought Bleacher Report

10) At $200 million, it's just a buck for every slideshow

9) Charles Barkley needed a bunch of his own home-grown Internet geeks to make fun of

8) Over 6,000 contributors work for free for BR, which is to say, about the same as any other sports blogger makes

7) Turner was getting tired of only having relationships with sports sites with actual quality

6) BR has a sales relationship with Yahoo, and every company that has dealings with Yahoo succeeds

5) Since BR has lasted for six years without going under, they must be Internet geniuses

4) By the usual economics of the Internet, $200 million to own means that BR is making at least $200 a year

3) At over 1,000 badly written articles a day, Turner is sure to make back its money, um, never

2) BR's mobile content means that Turner can now be ignored on more platforms and screens than ever before

1) It's the only way to make sports bloggers like me even more bitter about somehow missing out on the big 'ol gravy train that hits everyone but, well, the actual content producers


Anonymous said...

Somebody is angry. And jealous. And bitter. Keep plugging away - maybe you'll get some stupid VC money.

DMtShooter said...

I was on Bleacher Report for six months. It drove no traffic and made me no money, so I cut it loose. How they keep their sites, I'll never know...

Dp Evans said...

I was expecting some real insight when I read the title. DP Evans

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