Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the Bartolo Colon PED Suspension

10) Without the Bay Area and the Yankees, MLB might not have a problem

9) Colon apologized to the fans, teammates and organization, which makes it all better

8) While he was pitching well, if this is a major blow to your fantasy team, you play in way too deep of a league

7) This would be a real blow to the A's winning a wild-card berth, if Colon played the infield

6) It's a real shame, because his 171-122 record was a shoo-in for Cooperstown

5) This makes the fifth PED suspension this year, six if you count Ryan Braun's FedEx guy, and if you can name them all without looking them up, you really need a better hobby

4) There actually are people who would wonder why a fat 39-year-old would look for an extra edge

3) You have to give Colon credit for at least taking testosterone, rather than those lady pills that Manny Ramirez goes for

2) It's especially sneaky to get illicit muscles under your bad body of goo

1) Speaking as an A's fan, we're all very disappointed, not the least of which is in the lack of effort for not putting up a fake Web site to try to get out of it

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