Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Eagles - Browns

10) Cleveland Fan can be forgiven for thinking that Brandon Weeden looks a lot like Colt McCoy looks a lot like Brady Quinn looks a lot like Charlie Frye looks a lot like Taking A Big Mess Of Sleeping Pills Already

9) The Eagles didn't play anything but straight up rush four and still played auto-tag on the QB, despite the Browns supposedly having an offensive line

8) Not to deepen the Nick Foles love, but there's something awesome about a rookie QB who throws a pick, then shakes it off to throw for two scores

7) Brett Brackett will have an NFL career as a pass catching tight end, even if it's not here

6) Trent Richardson better come back healthy and strong, because the Browns totally don't have another tolerable RB on the roster

5) Eagle Fan promises to be really, really good if we just let them keep Damaris Johnson

4) It's a good thing that Dion Lewis caught a touchdown, because the rest of us are totally ready to throw him over for Bryce Brown and Chris Polk

3) Josh Gordon might be a decent wideout one day, but with these QBs throwing to him, we're never going to know

2) It's nice to see so many ex-Eagles on the Browns' roster and management, because it means they stay off the streets

1) The Eagles are now 3-0 in preseason, which means they are well and truly going to suck

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