Monday, August 20, 2012

Top 10 Takeaways From Eagles - Patriots

10) I'd be a lot more encouraged by the first-team Eagle defense if it played against the first-team Patriots, or could stop committing third-down penalties to continue drives against scrubs

9) If you are still planning on going hard for Michel Vick in your fantasy league, you are probably too high to finish reading this sentence

8) Jason Kelcie's ole job on the Vick injury play wasn't terribly encouraging for the health prospects of their QBs

7) Ryan Mallett is clearly better than Brian Hoyer, and this really does not matter at all

6) Before we all go screaming hosannas to Nick Foles, please remember that he was playing against third-string Patriots with the first-team offense

5) No one send six blitzers against an obvious third-down screen like Juan Castillo

4) If you were looking for this game for any clues in the Shane Vereen / Stephan Ridley RB battle, um, forget it

3) We're about two more weeks away from noticing how old and sad Andy Reid looks these days, and wondering if his screaming fit at Cullen Jenkins has anything to do with his family's tragedy

2) This year's NFL preseason schedule was clearly made by drunken idiots

1) At this rate, Vick is going to start the year rusty, concussed, and wrapped in protective foam

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