Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Felix Hernandez's Perfect Game

10) This makes him just as good as Philip Humber

9) If you want to make history, get a start against the Rays -- it seems to happen to them a lot

8) Jeremy Hellickson clearly deserved the loss, seeing how inferior he was with those five hits, one walk and one earned run

7) Mariner Fan is really going to be bummed when the team trades him for a bunch of crud

6) Joe Madden got ejected for arguing balls and strikes, trying to throw off Hernandez's timing, and giving his hitters foreign objects

5) The Rays didn't even make him throw a lot of pitches, despite whiffing a lot

4) I'm not saying that his curveball was nasty, but I didn't know that MLB allowed the use of whiffle balls

3) The game drew a little over 22K people, or about 10% of the eventual number of people who will claim to have been there

2) Considering what's happened to Humber and Johan Santana after their games, fantasy owners really need to trade him ASAP

1) In a feat that is nearly as historic, the Mariners recorded 15 outs today without making an error

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